Ellie English speaks about sexuality in the context of everyday life, she places sadomasochism next to more everyday, ordinary subject matter. By documenting her personal relationships (romantic, platonic as well as familial), this artist explores intimacy, sexuality and desire, whilst unpacking how different relationships in our lives can interlink and impact one another. 


2018-2020                   MA Fine Art, University of East London.

2013-2016                    BA (Hons) Photography, Falmouth University.

Solo Exhibitions:

22nd-24th March 2019. These Last 12 Months: Pop-Up Exhibition, Plumstead London.

7th/9th/10th September 2017.  DRIFT: Doomed Gallery, Dalston, London. 

Group Exhibitions:

26th-29th April 2018. Erotic Art Exhibition: Copeland Gallery, Peckham Rye, London.

5th-30th November 2017. Liminal Boundaries: This Is Not Art - Questa Non È Arte & Deptford Does Art, London.

26th September 2017.  Thicker Than Blood ||: Consequence. Camberwell, London.

June 2016.  Exordium: Free Range, Old Trewman Brewery, Shoreditch, London.

June 2016.  Exordium: Institute of Photography, Falmouth University, Penryn, Cornwall.

April 2016.  Crosslegged: Pop-Up Bedroom Exhibition, Falmouth, Cornwall.

February 2016.  Fotosium: The Photography Gallery, Falmouth University, Penryn, Cornwall.

June 2015.  BA (Hons) Photography Level 2 End of Year Exhibition: The Poly, Falmouth.


Hunger Magazine: Sexuality, Nature and Self-Discovery: Photography by Ellie English

Metro Imaging: DRIFT - Ellie English speaks to us about her first solo show at Doomed Gallery

Vignettes #2 Ellie: https://www.tom-bacon.com/vignettes-2-ellie/


Fist #02 Leatherdyke Zine Published May 2018. New York, USA.

These Last 12 Months, Ellie English. Published by The Photocopy Club, March 2019. Handmade In London.

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