Ellie Grace English        


2013-2016                    BA (Hons) Photography, Falmouth University.

Solo Exhibitions:

7th/9th/10th September 2017.  DRIFT: Doomed Gallery, Dalston, London. 

Group Exhibitions:

26th-29th April 2018. Erotic Art Exhibition: Copeland Gallery, Peckham Rye, London.

5th-30th November 2017. Liminal Boundaries: This Is Not Art - Questa Non È Arte & Deptford Does Art, London.

26th September 2017.  Thicker Than Blood ||: Consequence. Camberwell, London.

June 2016.  Exordium: Free Range, Old Trewman Brewery, Shoreditch, London.

June 2016.  Exordium: Institute of Photography, Falmouth University, Penryn, Cornwall.

April 2016.  Crosslegged: Pop-Up Bedroom Exhibition, Falmouth, Cornwall.

February 2016.  Fotosium: The Photography Gallery, Falmouth University, Penryn, Cornwall.

June 2015.  BA (Hons) Photography Level 2 End of Year Exhibition: The Poly, Falmouth.


Hunger Magazine: Sexuality, Nature and Self-Discovery: Photography by Ellie English

Metro Imaging: DRIFT - Ellie English speaks to us about her first solo show at Doomed Gallery

Vignettes #2 Ellie: https://www.tom-bacon.com/vignettes-2-ellie/

VICE: https://www.vice.com/en_uk/article/ywemzb/a-young-artists-photos-of-human-sexuality-and-desire?utm_source=vicefbuk


Fist #02: Leatherdyke Zine Published May 2018. New York, USA.


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